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Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures

Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures can be an easy way to replace multiple missing teeth all at once. A complete (or full) denture replaces all the teeth on the upper or lower arch of the mouth. A partial denture replaces some missing teeth while some of your natural teeth that are still strong and healthy are used to support the partial denture. Both types of dentures come in a variety of options that Dr. Garza can discuss with you so that your final denture can be as comfortable and natural as possible. New advances in dentures allow for better fit and better looking results.

Partial Dentures

If you still have some healthy teeth present, a partial denture may be a better choice than a full denture because the partial can be more stable as it is anchored to your natural teeth. Also, it is easier to adjust to a new partial than it is to adjust to a full denture since you still have some of your natural teeth that can help guide your bite and therefore make it easier to eat. Partials can be made with a very flexible material to make it more comfortable to take in and out. Partials can also be made to include a metal framework to provide additional support to your partial if you are missing most of your teeth or if you have a heavy bite. Dr. Garza will listen to your concerns and priorities for your partial and discuss these options with you.

Complete Dentures

In certain cases when the remaining teeth are in poor condition and not strong enough to support a partial denture, a complete denture may be the best option. Modern dentures have been greatly improved compared to dentures you may have seen in the past. Some of the denture options that Dr. Garza can discuss with you include the following:

Immediate Dentures

Dr. Garza can coordinate with the dental lab to take measurements and make your denture before you have your teeth taken out. Then the denture can be fitted and worn the same day that your teeth are taken out.


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