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At Northpointe Family Dentistry, we strive to save your natural teeth whenever possible. Sometimes, however, we need to remove a tooth to protect your health.


When a tooth is severely broken down and can no longer be saved or if the doctors believe your tooth has a poor prognosis for the long term, removal of the tooth may be necessary. This is called an extraction. An extraction is generally accompanied by a plan to fill in the missing space if desired. Other situations that may require tooth extraction include orthodontic treatment, baby teeth that have not fallen out after the adult tooth has erupted, or wisdom teeth that are causing discomfort. Drs. John and Tina Garza have experience in all these areas.

Drs. John and Tina Garza understand that many patients can be nervous about having a tooth taken out. At Northpointe Family Dentistry, we take steps and provide options to make the process as comfortable as possible. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation (a medication taken before the appointment) to help relax the patient for the appointment. In the treatment room, you will have access to Netflix and Pandora to turn on music or a show that you enjoy. An overhead TV will allow you to continue to enjoy your programming even after the procedure has started.

Bone Graft

Having a bone graft placed on the day your tooth is extracted is an excellent way to improve healing and maintain the area for future placement of a bridge or implant. It is also easier and provides better results if the bone graft material is placed directly into the hole where the tooth was instead of waiting for the area to partially/incompletely heal and then place the bone graft.

Post-Op Care

When the procedure is completed, the staff at Northpointe Family Dentistry will provide you with necessary supplies and written instructions for taking care of the area where the tooth was removed. The doctors will also provide a prescription for pain medication so that you will be as comfortable as possible as you are recovering from the extraction. Also, expect a phone call from the doctor within 24 hours of your extraction to check to see how you are feeling and to answer any questions you may have.

We generally like to see you return in one week to check the progress of your healing and to make sure no problems are occurring. This is a short visit called a post-op exam in which we will clean the extraction area, remove any stitches if placed, and provide any additional instructions if needed.

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