Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fantastic option for people who are missing one or more teeth. Implants can be used to simply replace one missing tooth without having to alter the neighboring teeth or a couple of implants can be used to replace several teeth. To replace a single missing tooth, an implant that is typically made of titanium (a material that is proven to be compatible with you body, just like in knee or hip implants) is placed where your tooth is missing by an Oral Surgeon. After a few months the implant will have become permanently fixed in position as it heals, giving you a foundation to place a crown to chew on.

At this time a dental crown just like the crowns that we can place on your natural teeth will be placed on top of the implant to fit in perfectly with own teeth. There is nothing to take in and out everyday and there are no special techniques or tools needed to keep it clean besides brushing and flossing like you would normally do with your other teeth. Implants are simply a great way to replace missing teeth without the need to affect adjacent teeth to make a bridge or the need to make a partial denture that will need to come in and out of the mouth everyday. Contact Northpointe Family Dentistry today to see if you are a good candidate for implants!

Bone Grafts

A bone graft may be placed by the Oral Surgeon when he is planning for your implant. A bone graft is the intermediate step between losing a tooth and replacing it with something else. Bone graft is a material that is placed into the hole that results from having your tooth extracted. When you have decided that you need to have your tooth extracted but are unsure about what you would like to do to replace the missing tooth, a bone graft may be a useful step to keep the natural contours of your gums which is important for a natural looking bridge or to provide needed support for a future implant. Bone grafts are also used when needed to rebuild defects in your mouth caused by a missing tooth before an implant is placed. Sufficient bone is required to support an implant and bone grafting provides a way to restore the missing bone to create a long lasting implant.

Drs. John and Tina Garza can evaluate your smile with you and discuss any questions you have about implants and if they are right for you. Dr. Garza can also refer you to well qualified Oral Surgeons in the area for implant placement before Dr. Garza places a crown on the implant. Please call Northpointe Family Dentistry in Cypress, TX today so we can meet as soon as possible!