Root Canal Therapy

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that cleans all of the nerve tissue out of your tooth so that the tooth no longer feels hot, cold, or pain. A root canal may be necessary if there is a cavity that goes into or near the center pulp chamber of your tooth where all the nerves are located. It may also be necessary if you have a crack, large filling, or if the tooth has sustained any type of impact or other injury. 

Sometimes root canals need to be redone if the existing root canal has become infected due to lack of a crown to protect the root canal or due to leakage of an existing crown into the root canal. This procedure is called a retreat. Also, root canals may be needed if your tooth has an infection or abscess due to any of the previously mentioned factors.

Root Canal Therapy

During a root canal procedure, the Dr. Garza will clean out all the cavities in your tooth and then clean and rinse out all the nerve tissue in your tooth so that the area inside your tooth is clean and dry. Then the doctor will fill the inside area of the tooth with a material to protect the tooth from being exposed to saliva and bacteria that could cause the tooth to become infected. Cleaning and sealing the tooth during the root canal procedure will also help treat and clear bacteria and infections that are already in the tooth.

Post-Root Canal Treatment

After the root canal procedure, the doctor may recommend having a crown placed on top of the tooth to further seal the root canal from saliva contamination and to protect the top part of your tooth. This is a very important step as any saliva, which caries bacteria, that enters the completed root canal can cause an infection that will require the root canal to be completed again. Furthermore, a tooth is more prone to fracture after a root canal and most often needs a crown to prevent fractures that could necessitate extraction of the tooth.

After your root canal it is important to take anti-inflammatory medications to prevent discomfort. Most often this is simply an anti-inflammatory available over the counter that you are not allergic to. In rare cases, we may need to prescribe medications to reduce this inflammation so that you are comfortable. Mild soreness is completely normal for a week or so after the root canal has been completed, especially if your tooth was painful before the root canal was completed.

Modern and Gentle Root Canal Treatment

The doctors at Northpointe Family Dentistry use the most current tools and techniques so that your root canal procedure is as comfortable and quick as possible. The doctors can also provide you with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation medication prior to the procedure to help you relax for the procedure. 

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