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Soprolife Diagnostic Camera

May 1, 2017
Posted By: Tina Garza
Sopro Life camera

At Northpointe Family Dentistry, we are committed to using the most advanced technology available to accurately diagnose your oral condition and to identify problems as early as possible so the treatment needed will be at a minimum. That is why we have incorporated the Soprolife intraoral camera as part of our preventative visits. The Soprolife camera is able to take clear pictures of your teeth as well as use auto fluorescence technology to identify cavities - even at its earliest stages. Healthy tooth structure will appear green while unhealthy, cavitated areas will appear red. This tool also helps patients see areas of their mouth and teeth that they aren't normally able to see and provide a clearer picture to the patient than traditional xray images. Schedule your check-up today for a closer look at the Soprolife camera and its cutting edge technology!

Photos taken with Soprolife camera. Decayed area are easily identified in red.


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